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Can I Wear a T-Shirt to The Beach?

Can I Wear a T-Shirt to The Beach?

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We look forward to our relaxing beach vacations all year long. Putting aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can't wait to kick back on a beach chair, dig our toes in the sand, listen to the crashing waves, and soak in the warm summer sun.

We love our beach trips and our vacays!

As our summer beach vacation draws near, we start thinking about what we're going to pack in our suitcase and the looming question comes into focus; What do I wear to the beach?

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing clothing companies out there that offer a wide variety of swimsuits, Panama hats, summer dresses for women, and beachy button-downs and linen pants & shorts for men.

With fashion in abundance these days, it's easy to find some cool summer swag to wear to the beach.

While we flip through our repertoire of outfit ideas, some may wonder if it's cool to wear a simple casual graphic T-shirt to the beach.

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Can I Wear a T-Shirt to The Beach?


Yes, wearing a T-shirt to the beach is appropriate, comfortable and effective to help protect you from overexposure to the sun's harmful UV rays.

But if you're heading to the beach, you don't want just any old T-shirt.

While heavier T-shirts may be fine for working in, you're going to want something lighter and softer for lounging on the beach.

You don't want a heavy and itchy thick T-shirt on the beach in the hot sun.

We recommend a premium, 100% ringspun cotton or cotton polyester blend shirt for the beach.

Moreover, you don't want just a plain T-shirt for the beach. You'll want something that expresses that you're in a laidback, chill, vacation mode.

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What Type of T-Shirt Should I Wear To The Beach?


Lighter-weight, premium, buttery soft ringspun cotton T-shirts are the optimal casual shirt type for the beach.

Ring spinning is a method of spinning cotton to make the fibers super soft and smooth. If you're ever in a store or boutique, check the tag on a shirt.

If the shirt tag says 'Ringspun Cotton', then you can feel confident that the shirt you're about to buy is of superior quality.

Ringspun cotton is what you want.

But to get a more beachy feel, you'll want a graphic T-shirt with cool minimalist designs and summer vacation elements.

The great thing about beachy graphic tees is that they're cool for both men and women to wear.

Men and women can wear beachy graphic tees and both look cool, chill and sexy.

Many people prefer to order a size up from what they normally wear to have a looser-fitting graphic tee for the beach.

A looser-fitting shirt creates that carefree, slouchy image of relaxation and chill vibes that many people want to showcase on their vacation.

However, some people prefer to wear tighter-fitting t-shirts to accentuate the beach bodies that they've been working on all year.

Whatever way you decide to wear your beachy graphic tees, just remember that premium ringspun cotton tees are the way to go.


Where Can I Buy Premium Graphic Tees for The Beach?


There are many brands out there that have built a good reputation for carrying premium ringspun cotton graphic tees.

You can find these premium graphic tees at malls, shopping outlets, and chic boutiques across the country.

While there are great products you can buy from major retailers and boutiques, the more designer-style clothing brands will have a much higher price tag.

It's good stuff, and if you have the money, go for it.

However, If you're looking to get a few premium, ringspun cotton graphic tees but don't want to pay $30-$50 (or more) a shirt, you can check out our super cool collection of premium beach shirts for much less.

Every shirt we print at Tee Shop USA™ is printed on Bella + Canvas (an LA-based apparel company).

Bella + Canvas shirts are highly rated, and they're often the same shirts that you'll find in boutiques.

That's because they're excellent quality!


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