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Why Do I Love My Cat So Much?

Why Do I Love My Cat So Much?

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If you're anything like us, you love your cat so much it makes you sick and you can't understand why.

When you see your mischievous little friend batting things off the table, playing with Christmas wrapping paper (instead of the $75 gift you bought him), sleeping in odd places or doing something inexplicably cute, you can't resist the urge to pet him raw.

There are many reasons why you love your cat so much.

In this article, however, we will delve into the simplest and most scientific reason why you love your cat so much.

Let's dive in.


The Simple Reason You Love Your Cat So Much


Scientific explanations can certainly demystify things and suck the fun out of life, but they're also useful if you really want to know what's going on.

Earned or reciprocated affection is one of the highest forms of social interaction, awarding people with a sense of validation and self-esteem boosts that cause intoxicating drugs to be produced in the brain, and give a person a feeling of euphoria.

If the guy or gal you've had a crush on for a while finally decides to talk to you and give you attention, your brain will release neurotransmitters like dopamine and oxytocin, and you will get an exciting rush of euphoria; a high if you will.

Chemically speaking, it's not much different when a cat shows you affection.

Because humans have an ancient, innate connection with cats, (and because they're furry, cute and adorable) most people experience immediate affection with cats.

Instant cat love.

But people want that affection returned.

And that's where things get tricky.

While there are many complex reasons for this ethereal bond between cats and humans, one of the simplest reasons is that people love a good dopamine rush, and the hard-to-please cat is one way to obtain it.

Moreover, people crave a sense of self-worth, confidence, purpose and affirmation, and a cat's love for you can help fulfill these desires. 

When a cat chooses to show you affection, you're going to experience elation and euphoria, because the cat does not throw his or her affection around so easily.

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The harder it is to obtain the affection, the more rewarding the affection is psychologically.

A cat's love has to be earned, and when your cat displays an emotional connection with you, it gives you a hearty dose of validation and completeness.

It's a positive thing, and positivity is important. 

After a while, you will no longer get a rush of dopamine when your cat displays affection. But by then, you will have likely established--like with any other good relationship--deep love and care between you and your cat.

Intrinsically, humans desire and need social interaction, connection, love and affection, not only with people but with nature and animals as well.

The relationship you have with your cat fills an evolutionary (or God-given) demand; to give and receive affection and love.

The simplest reason why you love your cat so much, one could argue, is because you're experiencing not only love for your cat, but simultaneously love for yourself. 

But perhaps we'll never know the true reason why we love our cats so much. All we know is that it's amazing, however inexplicable it may seem, to love your cat and be loved by them in return. 

Cats give us attention, playfulness, and countless hours of entertainment (especially if you own a laser pointer.) The gentle stroking of their fur and hearing them purr is a pleasant form of meditation and relaxation. 

You love your cat, and they love you. 

The love you have for your cat is beautiful, ancient, and deeply profound. Embrace it and enjoy it!


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