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Why Do People Love Video Games So Much?

Why Do People Love Video Games So Much?

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Since the release of Computer Space in 1971, the first commercially available arcade game, the world has been captivated by video games.

In the great ponderance of our age, as we reflect and analyze pop culture and history over the past several decades, we might delve into the question of why people love video games so much.

I love video games, too.

I've never met a person who hasn't enjoyed at least one video game in their lifetime. Moreover, I've known many people who have been addicted to video games.

What is so captivating about video games and why do we love them so much?

Let's dive in.


Why Do People Play Video Games?


There are many reasons people play video games, but perhaps the most satisfying answer for many could very well be the simplest:

Life sucks sometimes and video games are an enjoyable distraction from cruel reality.

That might sound like a joke, but it's the truth.

Video games can be a form of meditation that allows people to direct their focus away from their negative thinking, stress, accumulating problems, shitty jobs, failed relationships, endless troubles, pain and suffering.

Are video games the healthiest form of self-medication?

Probably not, but it works.

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When I was recovering from ankle surgery years ago, confined for several weeks to a couch, playing video games brought me great comfort and joy, and helped pass the time.

If I had to sit on the couch and just be alone with damning thoughts and endless boredom, I would've probably gone completely insane.

Thank you, God, for video games!

Beyond escapism and self-medication, people play, enjoy and love video games for many reasons.

Here are some reasons why people play video games and how they can be beneficial to a person.


Some Other Benefits of Playing Video Games


Contrary to popular belief, there's nothing wrong with playing video games. (Unless that's all you do. If all you do is play video games, get your ass off the couch and go get a job!)

Most people enjoy solving puzzles. It's in our nature.

We're wired to grow and evolve intellectually and cognitively. We want to challenge ourselves and navigate obstacles because that's how we improve ourselves.

It's enjoyable to overcome challenges and solve riddles.

Video games offer complex puzzles and riddles for the player to solve. While the difficulty level may vary based on what type of game you're playing, all video games have an objective that needs to be solved.

Solving these puzzles within a video game improves cognition, mental reflexes and critical thinking skills.

Yes, video games can do that.

Your parents were wrong, dear fellow Gen X and elder millennials; the video games were not rotting your brain away. The video games were making you smarter!

Playing video games is entertainment, but it's also a way to effectively sharpen up your brain power.

Beyond that, video games offer people a chance to win at something, especially competitive gaming.

Winning at something, even video games, can boost your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, and give you a feeling of joy, accomplishment and freedom in an otherwise suffocating world.

When you win something, your brain rewards you with a rush of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can make a person feel calm, relaxed or euphoric.

Dopamine feels good thus video games feel good.

Just don't get carried away.

Find the right balance of video games and real life and you'll be an awesome citizen of Earth, my friend.


The Bottom Line


People love video games so much because they are entertaining, exciting, challenging, pleasurable, stress-reducing and socially valid (you can build friendships through the gaming community.)

Plus, it's fun to win.

People of all ages all around the world love video games because they're awesome and fun.

Now that we have video games, the world will never be without them again. They will exist as long as we exist.

Happy gaming!


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