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Can You Eat Vegetables On The Carnivore Diet?

Can You Eat Vegetables On The Carnivore Diet?

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The carnivore diet strives to remove all unnecessary food ingredients such as vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, grains, tubers, sugars, and other plant based items. 

Most of the adherents to the carnivore diet will only use salt as a spice. Of course, water is also acceptable on the diet. 

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While many of those new to the concept of the carnivore lifestyle understand that removing potatoes, grains, fruits, and candy from ones diet is essential, there is still some question on whether it is necessary to remove all plants, including coffee. 


Can You Eat Any Vegetables On The Carnivore Diet? 

Can You Eat Any Vegetables On The Carnivore Diet?

While items like rice and salads are often eschewed, some still wonder about popular garnishes such as rosemary, onions, and garlic. 

According to Dr Shawn Baker MD, there is no need to consume any plant matter, including herbs and spices. All of the nutrition that you need is available in meat based products. 

What's more, the bioavailability of those vitamins are higher in meats than in plant based foods. 

Dr Ken Berry also agrees that there is no need for any consumption of plant foods. Not only are they nonessential, they could be quite harmful. 

Many people find that eliminating even herbal spices and garlic from the diet has enormous benefits. 

They see a reduction in inflammation, a reduction in bloating, gas, and other digestive woes. 

Adjusting to only eating meat, salt and water is ideal on the carnivore diet. 


Can You Take Herbal Supplements On The Carnivore Diet? 

Can You Take Herbal Supplements On The Carnivore Diet?

Popular literature from as far back as the 1600s, such as Culpepers Complete Herbal, have reported the benefits of herbal medicine. 

Many seeking alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry's poison have sought relief from common ailments by using herbal supplements. 

Some herbs have been shown to help benefit the human body and assuage health conditions. 

So why might we want to avoid their consumption? 

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While herbs are great for topical treatments, soaps, lotions, and balms, they are not necessary to consume. 

Consider what these herbs are being taken for. The ailments that plague mankind are primarily caused by diet. 

Often times it is not what we put into our bodies, but what we take away that brings us the most relief and benefit. This is also why many adherents to the carnivore lifestyle also practice routine fasting to prevent cancer and other diseases.  

Many herbs are used to treat the symptoms brought about by other plant life and a highly processed diet. The problem with masking these symptoms with more remedies is that the bedlam against the body has not yet ceased. Taking herbal supplements long-term can also have horrific side affects. 

By eliminating all herbs and plants, and all disruptive foods, the body can begin to heal naturally, which makes herbal medicine, according to leading carnivore doctors, unnecessary as well. 

In Conclusion 

While many start off the carnivore diet allowing themselves some herbs and spices, even drinks like coffee and alcohol, they find that as they progress into full carnivore, their health becomes optimized and fully realized.  

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