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Pizza Jokes That Don't Skimp on The Cheese

Pizza Jokes That Don't Skimp on The Cheese

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Pizza is one of the greatest things ever created in human existence. It's delicious and savory and I want some right now, to be honest.

Whether we're discussing exotic pizza toppings or the best way to reheat a pizza, pizza is a topic that is rich with context and can keep people talking for days.

Beyond practical pizza discussion and debate, our culture and society have an inherent need for humor and laughter.

That's where we come in!

So get ready for some bubbling hot and cheesy pizza jokes that are (mostly) suitable for children, and will have people of all ages laughing out loud.

(Yes, we have pizza dad jokes too.)

Come and get it while it's hot!

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Pizza Jokes


  1. Why did everyone want to bring the mushroom to the party? Because he was a fun-gi!

  2. I have a pizza joke for you. Never mind, it's too cheesy.

  3. Why did the pizzeria raise their prices? Because they kneaded the dough.

  4. What kind of pizza do dogs love? Pupperoni pizza.

  5. What motto is printed on pizza money? In God we Crust.

  6. Little Johnny, holding up the line, didn't know what kind of pizza to order. I guess you could say he was inde-slice-sive.

  7. A Buddhist walks into a pizza joint. He said, "Make me one with everything."

  8. How do you get a greasy teenager off your front porch? Pay for your pizza.

  9. Why did the pizza get so many likes on her Instagram post? Because she was freakin' hot!

  10. What did the pizza say when their first kid was born? "I never sausage a beautiful child."

  11. Why did the pizza delivery guy stop delivering to cows? Because they don't tip well.

  12. What did the man say after eating a frozen pizza? "I should probably cook that next time."

  13. What's a pizzeria's favorite line in a song? Take another little pizza my heart now, baby.

  14. An impatient and hungry man shouted at his waiter, "Will my pizza be long?" The waiter answered, "No, it'll be round."

  15. What did one pizza say to the other who signed their friend's birthday card with extremely large handwriting? "You didn't leave me mushroom."

  16. What happened to the pizza who kept showing up late for work? He was fired.

  17. The pizzeria burned my Hawaiian pizza the other day. They should've cooked it at Aloha temperature.

  18. Why did the jogger leave his pizza in the oven so long? He wanted to burn some extra calories.

  19. Why did the hipster burn his mouth? Because he ate his pizza before it was cool.

  20. What did the young pizza finally confess to his girlfriend? Olive you.

  21. What's a pizza's favorite game? Dominos.

  22. What did the preppy pizza say to the gothic pizza? "You're such a weir-dough."

  23. What did the 18-year-old pizza say to his strict father? "You don't pepper-own-me anymore!"

  24. What do you say to a pizza with a bad attitude? "Hey now, don't get too saucy!"

  25. I have a really great pizza joke for you. This one can't be topped.

  26. I visited a pizza place on the moon recently. Yup. Great pizza, but no atmosphere!

  27. What did Homer say when Bart dropped the pizza on the floor? "Dough!"

  28. What do you call a pizza with allergies? Little Sneezers.

  29. What's a pizza's favorite movie? Pie Hard with a Vengeance.

  30. Why did she reject the pizza? Because his pickup lines were so cheesy!


There you have it folks, some of the hottest and cheesiest pizza jokes in town!

These bad boys just came out of the oven, so we hope you didn't burn your tongue!


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