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26 Cat Jokes That Are Seriously Pawesome

26 Cat Jokes That Are Seriously Pawesome

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Cats fill our lives with joy, laughter, entertainment, companionship and love. Without our furry little friends (or family, as we call them!) life would feel incomplete to us.

Cats are great and we love them!

Because we love cats so much, we faithfully asked for their permission to come up with a handful of hilariously funny cat jokes to share with the world.

They graciously allowed us to proceed because they're paw-esome!

Let's get started with some cat jokes!

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26 Of The Best Cat Jokes


  1. Why did Jimmy the Cat refuse to go to the mall? Because he preferred to order from cat-alogs.

  2. How come leopards always lose at hide-and-go-seek? Because they're always spotted.

  3. What's a cat's favorite cereal? Mice Krispies.

  4. Why did the cat go to the doctor's office? Because he wasn't feline well.

  5. Did you read Simon the Cat's review of the latest Alleyway musical production? He said it was a total cat-astrophe!

  6. What did the cat say to his brother after he locked him in the closet? "Let me out, right Meow!"

  7. Why do cats make great chefs? Because they make everything from Scratch!

  8. What do cats use to mix their cake batter? Whiskers.

  9. Why was Billy the Cat such a great bowler? He was an alley cat.

  10. What was the name of the billionaire cat? The Great Catsby.

  11. Why did the other cats not believe Leo's story? Because he was a Lion.

  12. What's a cat's favorite game at the arcade? The claw machine.

  13. What did the cat shout after he was rear-ended by another motorist? "You gotta be Kitten me!"

  14. What's a cat's favorite dance? The litterbug.

  15. What was the cat's favorite Beethoven song? Fur Elise.

  16. What is a cat's favorite color? Purrrple.

  17. Why did the cat have to pay a hefty fine? He was littering.

  18. What do you call a cat at the top of their field? A Purrrfessional.

  19. Why were the cat's friends tired of hearing him talk? Because he only had one tail to tell.

  20. Who delivers presents to good cats on Christmas? Santa Claws!

  21. Why did the cat get yelled at by his teacher? He had a poor cat-titude.

  22. What was the cat's best category in Trivial Pursuit? Hiss-tory.

  23. Why did the cat stop going to church? He was afraid of the Dogma.

  24. Why wouldn't the other animals play poker with the cats? Because they're Cheetahs.

  25. What do you call cats who teach college? Purrrfessors.

  26. How do we know that the earth isn't flat? Because if the earth were flat, cats would've batted everything off the edge by now.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, 26 of the best cat jokes ever told!

Our cats are enough to put a smile on our faces, but it's always nice to hear some funny jokes. We hope you enjoyed them!


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